Is your success real?

Success can be a certain social status that describes a prosperous person that could also have gained fame for its favourable outcome. Let’s make it more simplified if someone has enough money to live more than a decent life and a good amount of fame (attention for Honorable deeds) then we can say the person is successful. If we go by the words literally than in today’s world of social media “success” is highly easy to attain. I have a problem with this and in my opinion, it’s a problem for society as a whole.

Let’s clear one thing beforehand and it is that seeking attention is NOT bad, we humans are born with it. I mean even an infant always wants attention from the parents so it’s very much clear. Maturity is when someone realizes what kind of attention is he/she seeking.

For me having wealth is not a success. Mukesh Ambani’s driver earns 2 lakh/month but I do not think many want to be a driver. We can think “wealth” as an easier source to get attention or fame. Someone has wealth, therefore, has a BMW thus has attention too. I suppose you are getting the idea. Keeping wealth aside we are left with “fame”. Now keep the “infamous” part of the fame aside. I do not think people want to be like Pablo Escobar. Now we are left with something like good fame. If we see a simplified pattern of success it is more or less like a person does something which appeals to people in a certain way for which that person gets a certain amount of fame and in consequence of that 99% of time wealth comes too.

So most important are two factors “work is done” and “fame obtained”. Here things get interesting in this 21st century of social media especially. Let’s take social media Influencers these people have fame so chances are high they have wealth too hence they are highly successful. My only problem with this whole scenario is related to fame. In my opinion, having fame does not mean success. You might think I’m saying wealth does not mean success, fame also does not mean success then what? become a monk?. NO! I’m not saying that for me, quality of fame matters and this is fading away very quickly in today’s world. I mean that when people are famous then they need to introspect that what is the quality of the majority of their followers or let’s say whom are they appealing to by their work. Keep aside the superstars they are on top of the hierarchy so almost everyone admires them.

In social media, if someone reaches a good amount of subscribers or followers then this notion starts how much successful they are without inspecting that for what reason they are famous. My problem is that because of this most people do not take responsibility and do something meaningful to society. Let’s take an example there is Carryminati, Logan Paul, KSI, Mortal, Pewdiepie etc all these YouTubers are the most successful, famous and wealthy Youtubers out there but their content is absolute crap and everyone thinks this is what success looks like and that’s a serious problem. No one for a moment thinks that who are the majority of these millions of subscribers on these channels? Trust me a majority of them are pathetic teenagers who have nothing to do in life and have no sense of direction. How can someone call this a success? I’ve never understood this. Another example is TikTok Influencers, these people are earning a hell lot and have a huge fan base for crap content. Does this mean success?

Today getting money is easy but fame is easier and people conclude them as successful because they can afford an iPhone and have 20m subscribers. If someone thinks they worked very hard to get a certain amount of subs and views on crap content then those people need to change their definition of hard work. Now someone might say, “these people make great entertaining stuff that’s why people like them”. Yes, it’s true and which thing is entertaining or not highly depends on someone’s maturity level too. Tiger Shroff and Ayushman Khurana both are successful but the maturity and sense of both of their audience are on opposite poles.

Now a question comes that why all the good influencers are not so famous? let me tell you they are highly respected and successful than any roaster, prankster out there because their audience is mature and sensible. Qualitative value of their audience is far more than the value of the audience of any famous crap content creator. There is an idiom “Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad”, for someone to appreciate and respect good useful content he/she needs to reach a certain amount of maturity and acquire a lot of sense which in today’s time only a handful of people are doing. It’s said that “to know about someone, just look at their social media feeds”.

What makes me laugh is when people say that these YouTubers followed their passion and they do what they like and are happy, I’m like who does not like to play pubg? or make roast videos? or do pranks? or do any crap which requires zero sense? everyone likes it but everyone has sense and have realized their responsibility that’s why they are not on social media with crap, they are doing something meaningful. I worry that today children see this and think that this success is huge then why the hell they should study or do any other meaningful activity, they just need some editing skills, a crap content idea, sprinkle of creativity and figure out social media algorithm and boom! success at their feet. This is catastrophic for society as a whole.

This applies very much on the everyday life of everyone. Those college students who know how to fight and bully are extremely famous, do they have a value? Remember this anyone’s value depends on the value of his/her admirers or followers value. A person admired by 1000 sheep and another person admired by 2 lions. I guess it is clear who has more value. So do not be “Andho mai kanna Raja”.

Now one last thing, we saw this YouTube vs TikTok crap recently and every one of you have your own opinions I just want to point out one thing. The hate against TikTok is not just because of cringe content but it is jealously too this is my opinion. Let’s go a little deep, the first question is why people have a problem with cringe? I mean who the hell is forcing anyone to watch cringe TikTok content, just do not watch it simple why there is a need to hate it? Bhojpuri songs and films are cringes too no one goes out to ban them, then why TikTok and the interesting part is 99% of people against TikTok have never even download the app to see the content. My opinion is that when people see any successful (wealth+fame) figure, then a part of them get jealous deep down but that jealously (which is negligible) turns to admiration when they see their hard work and hustle. Now when people saw these TikTok people with wealth+fame it blew their mind off with irritation, anger, hate and jealously because success is hard-earned and comes after a time, but these TikTokers do absolute crap and get the benefits which I agree should not be the case because this is short cut and has no value. Let’s take an example of Kylie Jenner she became the youngest billionaire in the world. This is a huge achievement but still, she does not get the respect which a billionaire should get. I mean she literally should be a role model of success to youngsters but that is not the case because people know she altered her body and used her family name, and the artificially altered body to get where she is now which is cutting corners.

I just want to say grow the hell up these things should not affect you. The success achieved after doing something difficult and meaningful is a real success and it will take time, that is what makes the success sweet.




“I am a person. Deeply flawed. With occasional bursts of goodness.”

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Utkarsh Singh

Utkarsh Singh

“I am a person. Deeply flawed. With occasional bursts of goodness.”

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